At some dark moment in the last two decades, Hobbits took over snowboarding. There are tons of different board brands and models on the market, but only as long as you have small, dainty feet. Only a few brands make boards fit for big, burly, large-footed riders. In Europe it has been virtually impossible to get your ham-sized hands on these boards, since no shops stock them.

The Kong Initiative aims to change that. We specialize solely in the widest boards on the market. The ones you crave but which are near impossible to find in shops.

Who is behind
all this?

The Kong Initiative is an off-shoot of the web agency Kollegorna.
We have our roots in Stockholm, Sweden.


Shoot of an email and you'll get all the help you need.


Mountains or jungle

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You! You awesome person!

Deka Sepdian for the top class illustrations.

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WWF, Born Free, Wildlife Conservation Society and everyone else who helps gorillas.


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